Watching Movies From Home

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The covid-19 pandemic situation  nameswikis   creates a great impact on every people’s lifestyle. The entertainment industry is facing the hardest hit during this pandemic situation. Entertainment and food will take time to bounce back and the cinema industry is ready to become the last to revive. Comparatively, fitness equipment and home electronics will bounce back sooner. When the corona disease is spread across the countries, then all people are losing their happiness. It not only affects the cinema industry but also it affects the entire people's lifestyle.

Government Orders Against Cinema Industry

In the covid-19 times, the government gives the importance for essential things and safety measures. They are not giving importance to the entertainment industry. The cinema industry helps it entertain the people at that time it is not considered as an important need. People can able to survive without the cinema industry's support. It just helps to makes the relaxation. Many countries' governments do not allow people to watch movies in theatres. But people are eagerly waiting to watch movies on full screen.  

Watching Movies From Home

Movie producers and directors are planning to release the movies on the OTT platforms. They had the fear to watching movies in theatres. If a lesser number of people visit the theatres, then the producers will badly affect. So, the producers released the movies on online platforms. It will avoid making some losses to producers. Furthermore, these platforms help to watch movies in their homes. It does not need any transportation costs and other requirements. In Bollywood, industries are released many famous movies on OTT platforms such as "surarai potru", "mukuthi Amman", and others. The government gives complete permission for these platforms. Kerala is badly affected by the pandemic situation.   

Box Office is Rake after a dull month

In the Kollywood industries, they rarely released the “Master” movie on full screen. And this movie helps to restore the normal situation of the cinema industry. And this movie got a huge response within a few days. Theatre owners have had more happiness for these responses. After many months, people are visiting the theatres. It is released at the pongal festival and people are enjoying watching this movie with a pongal celebration. Not only masters, but there are also many movies released in the kollywood industries such as "Irandam kuththu", "Biskoth". But these movies are not successfully running in theatres. The Master movie only creates a great impact and this movie is released in many languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, and others. But some tricky issues are presented for the movie release. But the cinema industry has not completely recovered back to normalcy. It tries to quickly reback the situation.  

Upcoming Movies

Many upcoming movies are waiting for release. People are eagerly waiting for these movies. In our upcoming days, the eagerly waiting movie is in the production process which is named “Jagamay Thathiram”. Our famous actor dhanush has acted in this movie. Dhanush fans are eagerly waiting for the movie release.